Your Essence of Life

Have you noticed that life is constantly throwing your curveballs?

These moments as your GIFTS, that once unwrapped, will enhance your life’s journey. Whilst there is no gift in what has occurred the gift comes through who you become because of what has happened in your life.

You start to look at life differently. You begin to develop new insights and practices. You begin to grow and evolve, in all areas of your life.

Then, you’ll begin to realise that the mind and the soul, have begun to yearn for more.

At the Chaston Centre we know that this awakening leads you to the Essence of Your Life. It’s important to realise that the essence of life is not the same way for everyone as it stems from lifelong, personal experiences and lessons learned.

The essence of life is constant growth, every day, reminding yourself to keep moving, to be open to change, to all possibilities, to keep enquiring and always trying to be better than yesterday you (or Yesterday Me as we like to say).

In fact, some people go through an entire lifetime, missing the gist of it—lost in their daily routine, disoriented in their demanding life and focusing on materialism and competition, living as I used to; “In their ground-hog daze.”

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With Love and Gratitude

Karen and The Team