Financial Abuse and Divorce

Loss of any kind is never easy. Though what happens when you have the loss of many things in quick succession?

My special guest, Michelle Dawson found the answer the hard way. Michelle lost her parents then a little while later, she lost her marriage, financial wellbeing and found herself sleeping on her 21-year-old son’s couch. She was completely broken and not sure what her next step would be. Michelle said “I found myself on my knees and didn’t know which way to go. I’d hit the point of no return where I’d completely cracked opened. I knew it was a moment of reckoning and it’s at that point that our common friend suggested that I chat with you. Thankfully I listened… yeah!”

Join us Monday 11th April 2022, 10am AEST as Michelle shares her story on how she moved beyond her loss and betrayal. This is a must for anyone who is grieving or suffering from missing family, losing family, going through a separation or whatever your loss may be.

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