Corrina Lindby started The Answer is Yes because business owners were struggling through the minefield of compliance and training while aiming to keep expenses down.  The Answer is Yes, sole purpose is to provide all the training needs of a business owner and their staff in one location.

Corrina has brought together over 65 Subject Matter Experts, and each coach/consultant has over 10 years application of their knowledge in their respective industries, they have turned their skills and knowledge into practical training courses.  Businesses are provided with a cost-effective solution between online training courses or a personalised consultation that will provide the answers for anything not covered in our courses.

Karen Chaston is the Co-founder of the Chaston Centre; a place for meaningful living. As a CPA and former CFO of a publicly listed company, who has broadened her knowledge and perspective through becoming a Beyond Loss Expert, Speaker and Author, Karen understands the huge return on investment that companies are leaving on the table from not realising that their employees are their greatest asset.

Through Karen’s firsthand experience she knows that the most effective way to ensure that your ‘greatest assets’ are always in tip-top working condition, is to invest in training programs. Unfortunately, sometimes this can be both time and cost prohibitive.  This is why, Karen Chaston collaborates with Corrina Lindby.

We know that together we can make a difference.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Human Resources

Business Systems

Personal Development

Business Development

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